Emergency Response & Prevention

Severe weather can wreak havoc on your trees. Uprooted trees and broken limbs can be dangerous for both people and property. In an emergency situation, we are always available to help you – call us 24/7 on (250)-857-2420. Our arborists can also work with you to determine ways to prevent future emergencies before they arise.

Property is most commonly damaged in storms by fallen trees and branches. Trees are put under enormous stress by strong winds, and high rainfall can saturate soil thus causing root systems to fail. Our emergency crews will assess the situation and determine the best emergency response method, without compromising safety and efficiency. Debris inevitably accumulates during a storm, and once all hazards have been addressed, we can provide thorough site clean-up.

There are measures that can be taken to minimise the susceptibility of your trees to storm damage. Our certified arborists also hold Tree Risk Assessment Qualifications (TRAQ) through ISA and can inspect your property to identify any potential future hazards and recommend preventative strategies for the protection of people and property. Based on arborist findings, treatments can be as simple as pruning to remove structural weaknesses such as dead and hanging limbs and to decrease wind resistance, to more complex strategies such as cabling and bracing which can improve the tree’s capacity to tolerate strong wind events and other types of extreme weather.

Emergency situations regarding your trees can be stressful and if the situation arises we are here to help 24/7. But avoid the stress altogether – take advantage of our experience and expertise by booking your free consultation to give your trees their best chance.

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