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Professional upkeep of your trees can increase their health and longevity and limit the potential for them to become hazardous. At Tip Top Tree Service Ltd we can trim and train your young trees, deadwood your mature trees, shear your hedges – and everything in between.

Specialised forms of pruning can be used to achieve different objectives. Need to increase light filtration or want to improve a view? Crown thinning could accomplish that. Want to clear some low-hanging branches? Raising the canopy should get you the results you need. Crown reduction is yet another technique that we can utilise to regulate the size of a tree. We also offer fruit tree pruning to increase the yield of your trees.

We take an objective-based approach and follow the pruning techniques and guidelines set out in the ANSI Standards. We offer hedge and shrub maintenance programs that are flexible depending on whether you’re looking for a manicured or more natural look.

We always ensure that our service is tailored to your needs. Book your free consultation and our certified arborists will work with you to understand your goals and to determine what pruning methods will best achieve them, without compromising tree health and safety.

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