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Trees need the right conditions in order to flourish. Our services provide for the health and growth of your trees, but even with the best care possible, sometimes removal remains necessary. Tip Top Tree Service Ltd has the experience and equipment to meet your tree removal needs.

In some cases a tree must be removed for the benefit of the surrounding trees. Should there be too much competition for space and light, or if a particular tree is diseased or host to a pest, then removal can be necessary for the survival of the remaining trees. Hazard trees should be removed for the protection of both people and property. If certain trees are preventing construction and infrastructure development or obstructing traffic, then removal should also be considered.

Removals are the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture. We have the considerable expertise necessary to safely and efficiently carry out all tree removals, both large and small. For residential areas, there is often very limited (if any) drop zone, and in these cases we use advanced rigging techniques to reduce the risk to your garden and property. Our tree removals are not finished until the site is thoroughly cleaned of debris, unless you wish otherwise.

Our experienced arborists stay updated with all rules and regulations regarding tree removal in Greater Victoria, and can help gather the necessary paperwork and permits. You can find your local tree removal bylaws on our Bylaws & Permits page. We typically leave the stump as close to the ground as possible, and some may choose to leave the stump, but we do also offer stump removal services – which our certified arborists will be happy to discuss when you book your free consultation.

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